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Why I Hate the Beach

What is the first place you think of when you think of taking a summer vacation? I bet more than half of you instantly thought, THE BEACH of course! There’s something about that beautiful blue water, the ocean waves, white sand, and sun that just lures people in. Kids love to run in the surf, build sandcastles and maybe throw a ball around while their parents love the relaxing sound of the ocean, a shady canopy, and maybe an adult beverage or two. Even the dog loves to play in the sand and the surf. There is something for everyone at the beach – everyone but me!

Stuck in the sand on the beachWhen you are not independently mobile and your 400 pound electric wheelchair instantly sinks in the sand, it is a challenge to get around. When we go to the beach, I have to be carried anywhere I want to go. As nice as that sounds to some of you, it is not a comfortable situation for everyone┬áinvolved. Once I get to the beach and am laid on a towel on the sand, I have no way to get away from the sand. I can’t pick my head up or sit up like most of you, so any time the wind blows, I end up with sand in my eyes, nose and mouth. I HATE SAND. I also can’t get up and go rinse off in the surf, so I find sand in places no one should have sand for days and days! AGAIN, I HATE SAND. I guess I at least I get well exfoliated!

I’m also not a huge fan of the heat and sunburn easily (thanks for those genes, Dad), so not being able to go play and cool off in the water at my own will makes the beach a little more miserable for me. Granted, I have had fun with my family at the beach before, but because of my physical limitations, it is certainly not a vacation I would choose. I’d much prefer going on a cruise or to a wheelchair-friendly city like Las Vegas or Napa or New York where I can participate in more activities. Give me a concert any day.

So while y’all are getting sunburned out in the sun this summer on the beach, I will be happy in the air conditioner, vacationing elsewhere!

  • Dionne Viosca
    June 9, 2017

    Hey, I don’t blame you at all! While I do love to beachcomb for shells and swim close enough to shore, I’m like you in that I HATE getting sand all over me & in my clothes. Can’t stand the sun either, so we have to get out there (usually in Pensacola) early in the morning. Have a type 1 skin too, fair with green eyes, so have to use lots of sunscreen. Love your blogs, and wanted to tell you that your friend Annie Clemons’s (of Sugarland) dad, Cranston Clemons is a good friend of my brother, Phil De Gruy. They both play jazz guitar and occasionally get together for gigs. They’re both are really funny guys, and get lots of laughs wherever they play.
    Til then, Dionne

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